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Develop an active, dynamic, inspirational, useful and engaging resource that is: 1) a comprehensive historical record of the Club from its creation to the present day and 2) an archive of important records, documents, and materials (both written and photographic/visual, and as well as spoken material).

We invite you to send your questions and comments to history@frny.org.

Message from Founder Mike McMahon

The History & Archives Project (H&A) was established in 2014, with the encouragement and endorsement of the 2014 FRNY Board, under FRNY President Dave Lin. This sub-site went live (launched) Pride Week 2015. The project has grown and continues to evolve under the support of subsequent Boards including those under Steve Waldon. I wish to acknowledge that this Project was truly a team effort and was made possible only through the hard work of some extremely dedicated volunteers. I wish to take this opportunity to thank each of the team members for his/ her contribution.


2017 History & Archives Team

Mike McMahon - Founder; Committee Chair & Team Leader George Mayer
Anthony Cocciolo - Lead Archivist Tom Miller 
Matt Chrisholm Manh Nguyen
John Colligan Marty Perl
Quentin Fottrell Sandra Schmidt
 Cheng Lee Jean Simeon
  Ryan Wallace

Past Members of the H&A Team

John Brown Robert Franek Michelle Mazzara
Ben Campbell Matt Frank Colin Meret 
Jeff Caprio  Patrick Hart Fred Pfaff
Blossom Coryat Michelle Johnson Lucilla Rastelli 
Jill Crouther Manny Kalamaras  
Dan Ferguson Diane Lowy 
Elke Gasselseder  Jake Manabat 

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Become a Founding Patron, Founding Sponsor or a Founding Friend of the FRNY History & Archives Project today. Contributions to the History & Archives Project support activities like digitization and archiving, procuring supplies and building infrastructure, and developing events/programming about the history of the Club.  Contributors will be recognized on this website in the following ways:

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To donate, follow this link, and add the following message: “This (my) contribution today is in support of the FRNY History & Archives Project.”  Thank you.

Thank you to our Supporters

We would like to thank our Founding Patrons: Dave Laurence and Lucilla Rastelli.